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Athletic scholarships What Are Athletic scholarships
The cost of attending college is very high, there are however ways to get around this.
If you are good at sports one option that you may have is an athletic scholarship. Read More
Applying for an Athletic Scholarship Applying for an Athletic Scholarship
There are a lot of students who attend college on an athletic scholarship, far more than most people realize.
In most cases if you want to get a college scholarship you are going to have to take matters
into your own hands and let the school know that you are interested. Read More!
Famous High School Sports Teams Famous High School Sports Teams
High school sports are very popular in the United States and as a result
some of the teams get to be quite well known. There are not a lot that you
would call household names by any stretch but amongst serious fans
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Athletic scholarships: what are they?

What Are Athletic Scholarships

The cost of attending college is very high, there are however ways to get around this. If you are good at sports one option that you may have is an athletic scholarship. If you are considering an athletic scholarship you have to make sure that you understand exactly what is involved.

Athletic scholarships are offered by colleges in order to get the best student athletes to attend their school. In many cases the scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition as well as books and living expenses. However there are also many student athletes who are on scholarships that only cover a portion of the cost of their education. Most of the schools that offer athletic scholarships will actually offer hundreds of them in a huge variety of different sports. While sports like football and basketball get all of the attention there are scholarships available in most of the sports for which there is college competition.

When it comes to athletic scholarships there are very strict rules about who is eligible for them and how much money can be awarded. The first requirement to qualify for a scholarship is that the student must be academically eligible. Unfortunately over the years colleges have recruited large numbers of athletes who are not academically capable of attending university, this occurs mainly in the sports where the colleges make big money like football and basketball. As a result to qualify for a scholarship students must get a minimum score on their SAT's. They must also maintain a minimum grade point average throughout the time that they are at school.

In addition to making sure that students are academically eligible for a scholarship there are several rules to make sure that athletes are not receiving more money than they are supposed to. College athletes are supposed to be amateurs, that means that they are not supposed to get paid to play sports. However in order to attract the best players many schools have found ways to pay top athletes more than they are allowed to under the scholarship rules. Despite a large number of rules to prevent this schools still find ways to do this.

One of the things that you need to be aware of if you are considering an athletic scholarship is the ways in which taking a scholarship will affect you while you are at school. For example while you are on scholarship you won't be able to have a job. Since your scholarship will only cover the cost of school and room and board this will mean that you have no money for anything else unless you have savings before school starts. You also have to keep in mind that there will be rules about how many classes you have to take each semester. If you are on an athletic scholarship your life will be heavily regimented.

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